Underpinning Commercial Structures

commercial underpinning

  It is vital that your commercial structure is stable and safe. You have to protect your employees, clients, and the general public from the dangers of foundation failure. Underpinning commercial structures takes a special kind of company to make sure your building is secure. There are many reasons that you may need underpinning at… Read more

What Is Civil Engineering?

civil engineering

If you’ve browsed around the Matthews Structural Solutions website, you have probably come across the term “civil engineer”. What exactly does a civil engineer do and why is it so important? What Does A Civil Engineer Do? A civil engineer wears many hats. They are involved with the design, construction, and maintenance of structures and… Read more

Control Your Gas Well Traffic

traffic cones

  The safety of employees and the public is important to everyone. When working on a gas well project, there is a need to give your employees a safe area to work. At the same time, motorists need to be able to get to their destinations safely. Traffic control services from Matthews Structural Services will… Read more

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