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Steel Push Piers

steel push piers for Pittsburgh PennsylvaniaSince the 1980s, Matthews Structural Solutions has been the number one choice for commercial foundation repair and underpinning in Pennsylvania. We offer heavy duty steel push piers, also known as resistance piers, to lift and stabilize buildings and other large structures. Steel push piers are used to disperse the weight of your home and foundation to more suitable soil. If structures show signs of foundation settlement, Matthews Structural Solutions can help. We can fix settling foundations, sticking windows/doors, and leaning walls for commercial foundations. Our structural contractors will make sure everything is sound and secure.

Steel push piers are designed to transfer loads from the soil to more suitable soil. They are individually driven and the structure works as the reaction. A friction reduction collar, that creates an opening in the soil, is connected to a galvanized pier piper. As the pier pipe is driven into the soil, it lowers the skin friction onto the pipe so the pier can be load tested to support the load. During load transfer, hydraulic jacks are installed at more than one location to reduce the load on each push pier. They are also attached to a manifold system to lift and stabilize the structure. These can be used on most commercial properties.

Benefits of Steel Push Piers

  • Uses quiet, vibration free hydraulic equipment
  • Installed and load tested
  • The structure is immediately restored and lifted back to normal
  • Piers are 100% load tested to accommodate the working load
  • Does not require skin friction for support
  • Quick installation that requires little soil removal
  • Installed from the interior or exterior of the structure

Contact Matthews Structural Solutions for quality steel push piers to stop damage to your Pennsylvania foundation. We use steel push piers made by Earth Contact Products, the leading manufacturer in underpinning. We use the latest products in the industry to stabilize your foundation for many years to come so settlement won't recur. For our customers, we offer technical information about the types of steel piers we use for commercial and industrial applications. The types of steel push piers include: