Heat Can Cause Concrete Problems

concrete installation

Hot Weather = Weak Concrete Pouring concrete is as much an art as it is a science. Everything has to be right, or you run the risk of your concrete being weak, developing cracks, or showing other signs of damage. We’ve discussed the effects of cold weather on concrete before, so now we’ll address the… Read more

Permanent Shoring Solutions

permanent shoring

Permanent shoring is just what it says, shoring that is meant to permanently stay in place. Temporary shoring is usually just implemented during construction or repair to hold something in place until the structure is complete. Permanent shoring remains as part of the construction. Permanent Shoring Methodologies There are several ways to go about implementing… Read more

Commercial Property Maintenance in Pittsburgh, PA

commercial property

Keeping Your Commercial Property Stable Taking care of a commercial building is a lot more involved than taking care of a residence. You have to be responsible for the stability of the building and all of the occupants and businesses that are inside. Matthew’s Structural Solutions is here to help you with any commercial building… Read more

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