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Commercial Foundation Repair and Construction

Although residential construction and commercial buildings have some similarities, the differences are important. A commercial foundation must be able to safely support thousands of tons, between the structure, people, and other materials and supplies inside the building. It is vital that you have a foundation company that has the engineering experience to make sure that the soil under the structure is stable enough to support the weight of the building and that the materials used to build the foundation are also strong, stable, and secure.

commercial foundation repairIndustrial and Commercial Foundation Construction

There is no set size for a commercial building, so the contractor working on the construction should be able to adapt to anything from a one-floor office to a multi-story building. Matthews Structural Solutions employs a structural engineer to make sure that no matter what kind of foundation is needed, it will be the right size and stability for your building. There will be different construction methods and materials needed, depending on the type and size of the commercial foundation and the building.

Most commercial foundations today are built using piles. Matthews Structural Solutions wants to make sure that the materials we use match the level of expertise that we have. We use commercial piles manufactured by Earth Contact Products (ECP). ECP is the leading manufacturer of foundation repair equipment in the industry. The piles are driven through the soil until they reach a strong base. This creates a permanent support for your commercial building, giving it the stability it will need for years to come. Once the piles are placed, the foundation can be built upon the piles and construction will be completed.

Industrial and Commercial Foundation Repair

There are a variety of causes for commercial foundation damage in the Pittsburgh area, however, the most common reason a foundation begins to fail is due to the soil settling. If the soil underneath a commercial structure becomes oversaturated or shifts due to poor construction techniques or natural reasons, the foundation may settle unevenly, causing stress to the structure. This may manifest itself in sticking doors or windows, cracks in walls or floors, or crumbling foundations.

Fortunately, the damage from a settling foundation can be reversed and stopped entirely. The sooner repairs are begun the less time, money, and effort it will take to implement a solution. The engineers at Matthews Structural Solutions will inspect the property and determine the cause of the problems. If the foundation is settling, they will most likely suggest that underpinning is performed to stop the foundation from settling. The foundation is stabilized by installing piers or piles into the soil under the problem areas. The load of the building will be transferred to the underpinning, relieving the stress on the structure. Once the building is stabilized, the entire structure will be raised to its original height.

Matthews Structural Solutions and Commercial Foundations

For over 35 years, Matthews Structural Solutions has been providing commercial foundation repair to the Pittsburgh area. We offer quality structural engineering and can provide both repair and new construction services to you. We offer both commercial foundation repair and structural design engineering, ensuring the project is in good hands from start to finish. Contact the professionals at Matthews Structural Solutions today to keep your commercial property, strong, stable, and functional.


Spring is Coming, Are You Ready?

Spring thaw can cause foundation problems.With about a month until the official start of spring, it’s probably not too soon to think about what the thaw can do to your commercial property. There is still a lot of winter ahead of us, with freezing temperatures, ice, and snow, but now is the time to start getting ready for the warmer weather.

Winter Was Rough

You’ve spent the last couple of months dealing with snow removal, monster storms, power outages, and flooding. Your property has taken a beating and you may have had to take some steps to temporarily repair some issues. You need to make sure that your commercial property is safe, secure, and stable and Matthews Structural Solutions can help you take care of your business, no matter the size.

Frequent water infiltration or flooding can weaken your foundation and the soil surrounding it. If you have had water in your building, you should have it inspected by a qualified expert. We can check your foundation walls, slabs, retaining walls, and other structures on your property for damage. A little bit of water inside a crack will expand when it freezes, making the crack bigger and weakening the wall.

Oversaturated Soil Can Cause Problems

The ground was soaked when we had our heavy rains earlier in the season. Add on the snow and ice we’ve experienced and it will be no surprise that a lot of people will have foundation problems this spring when the soil thaws.

Oversaturated soil will also expand when the water freezes. Oversaturated soil or expanding soil can exert hydrostatic pressure against foundation walls, causing them to crack, lean, bow, or even collapse. We offer shoring solutions to reinforce the walls, protecting your building. We can shore up walls through the use of wall plates, soil nailing, and other permanent shoring solutions, such as helical tiebacks.

This winter threw everything at us, so don’t let the bad weather get the upper hand. Flooding, blizzards, polar vortices, and more have taken a toll on your commercial property.

Don’t wait until you have a problem, we can implement most of our structural solutions in any kind of weather. Contact us today to learn more about all the commercial structural solutions we offer.


Underpinning Commercial Structures


commercial underpinningIt is vital that your commercial structure is stable and safe. You have to protect your employees, clients, and the general public from the dangers of foundation failure. Underpinning commercial structures takes a special kind of company to make sure your building is secure.

There are many reasons that you may need underpinning at your commercial location. If the building is new construction, the soil may be weak underneath the structure. Expansive soil and sinkholes can cause many problems. You may have to go deeper into the soil than normal to reach the stable ground. If the structure is older, the foundation may settle unevenly over time, or nearby excavation can weaken the soil underneath the building.

Other reasons that you may need underpinning include instances where the usage of the building has changed, weather or other natural occurrences have changed the nature of the supporting soil, or underpinning is more cost-effective than building a new structure.

Matthews Structural Solutions uses civil and structural engineers to make sure that your building is solid and secure. They’ll inspect the building and the surrounding area and determine the best method of underpinning to keep your structure stable.

Signs of Foundation Damage Underpinning Can Repair

There are some obvious signs of foundation problems, such as cracked walls or slabs, sunken foundation, and bowing or leaning walls. Other signs include such things as ceiling cracks, sticking doors or windows, and sloping floors. If you notice any of these problems, you should contact a commercial foundation repair company like Matthews Structural Solutions as soon as possible.

Underpinning Options

By utilizing an underpinning method, we can bypass the areas in the soil that are weak or unstable. The supports will be embedded in strong and stable soil, providing a secure foundation for your building. The underpinning is done beneath the building, so there is no change to the look of your business.

Steel push piers are the most common method of commercial underpinning. They have a proven track record of providing stability and reliability. The piers are driven into the ground, past the weak soil, until solid, stable soil is found. Once this occurs, our installers will load test each pier, ensuring that the building will be secure on the new underpinning. After the piers have passed their test, the building is lifted onto the piers using hydraulic jacks and the structure will be secure and stable for many years.

Benefits of Commercial Underpinning

The piers that Matthews Structural Solutions uses come from Earth Contact Products, the leader in the industry. The piers can be installed inside or outside of the building and in areas with limited access. Little soil is removed and the piers are installed with portable hydraulic equipment, minimizing the disruption to your location.

If you have any questions about your commercial structure’s foundation or how underpinning can help restore your building’s stability, call a trusted and respected company like Matthews Structural Solutions today.