Structural Solution Technical Information

steel push piers Pittsburgh PennsylvaniaSteel push piers, also known as resistance piers or micro piles, are commonly used in the underpinning industry to stop or prevent foundation damage. Not all steel push piers are equal. That's why the structural contractors and other professionals at Matthews Structural Solutions use the latest underpinning products from Earth Contact Products (ECP) to ensure top-notch performance and engineered design. Steel piers are the best choice for foundation repair experts and foundation design engineers.

Piers are individually driven during the installation process. A friction collar is connected to a section of the galvanized pier pipe to create a opening larger than the diameter of the pier pipe. This helps eliminate the need for skin friction on the pier pipe. It also allows our contractors to load test the pier so it can be suitable to support the load.

During the load transfer process, hydraulic jacks are inserted into various locations to reduce the load on each resistance pier. By connecting hydraulic jacks to the manifold system, it lifts and stabilizes the structure.

Steel push piers are the most preferred because they provide the following advantages:

  • Individual piers are field load tested after installation
  • Uses the maximum weight of the structure when tested
  • Uses quiet, vibration free hydraulic equipment
  • Does not require heavy equipment
  • Quick installation process
  • Requires little soil removal
  • Little to no disruption to landscaping
  • Applied from the structure's interior or exterior
  • Maximum lifting capabilities
  • Can be driven deep into the ground compared to other types of piers
  • Our steel piers are individually installed and load tested to lift and restore the structure's foundation
  • End-bearing piers that do not require skin friction for support compared to concrete cylinders
  • Short installation time

Types of Steel Piers

At Matthews Structural Solutions, we provide different types of steel piers to serve the needs of our customers.

ECP Commercial Foundation Case Studies

ECP is the leading manufacturer in quality underpinning. They provide case studies so you can understand foundation applications as well as get an overview of the product. Here are some examples of case studies using ECP steel piers for various projects.