Product Highlights: ECP 350 Series Piers

Why We Use ECP 350 Series Piers for Underpinning in PA Due to clay soils in Pittsburgh, settlement is a common issue. Expanding clays, soil erosion, weak soils, and drought-like conditions are usually the culprit. Without foundation assessment, the situation can get worse over time causing wall and foundation cracks. One case history involved the… Read more


Tips to Help Hiring a Snow Removal Contractor

Hiring a Snow Removal Contractor in Pittsburgh, PA The cold weather is still here, and some areas have several inches of snow piling up in your driveway. Removing snow is a strenuous activity, especially for seniors and people with health issues. If you’re thinking about retiring your shovel this winter and hiring a snow removal… Read more

Commercial structural repair using steel piers

Common Commercial Structural Problems

Structural Problems in Commercial Buildings It is important to have your commercial building level and structurally strong. That is why it is important to know what to look for that may indicate that the foundation of your commercial building may be in need of repair. When you look around the building, look for some of… Read more

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