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Commercial structural repair using steel piers

Common Commercial Structural Problems

Structural Problems in Commercial Buildings It is important to have your commercial building level and structurally strong. That is why it is important to know what to look for that may indicate that the foundation of your commercial building may be in need of repair. When you look around the building, look for some of… Read more

Steel piers for commercial foundation repair

Commercial Foundation Stabilization

Matthews Structural Solutions are experts in commercial foundation stabilization. We have the products and experience to get your commercial building back to its original level and structurally strong again. the foundation of a structure is the most important part of the structure. When the foundation has damage, the entire structure will become damaged. Foundations can… Read more

Remedial services in Pittsburgh, PA

Remedial Services Near Pittsburgh

Matthews Structural Solutions has services that include soil remedial services. This includes preparing new industrial and commercial sites for soil stabilization. Soil stabilization when preparing to build a large industrial or commercial building is important. If the soil beneath a foundation is not stabilized from the beginning, the foundation of the structure will settle and… Read more

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