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Whether you are in need of repairs for your settling foundation, stopping a collapsing retaining wall, or you are looking for a civil engineer or structural contractor, Matthews Structural Solutions has the trained experts to help. We can assist you with all your commercial buildings and structures in the Newark, Delaware area. Our professionals are proud to use foundation repair products from Earth Contact Products, the leader in the industry. We specialize in underpinnings, pilings, and shoring methods to stabilize and support your foundation.

Types of Structural Engineering & Repair in Newark

commercial structural repair Newark DEWe have several types of structural repairs that we perform on commercial foundations, including:

Underpinning Solutions

  • Installed on exterior or interior of the building
  • Can be installed in constricted areas
  • Attaches to existing foundations with bracket system
  • Piers are load tested during load transfer to ensure stability

Piling Solutions

  • Can be loaded as soon as installation is complete
  • Driving into the ground until it reaches stable soil
  • Easily resists axial compression and tension loads
  • Can be installed in areas with limited access
  • Short installation time

Shoring Solutions

  • Minimal excavation required
  • Can stabilize cracking walls
  • Hand-held equipment is used for installation
  • Will support and strengthen leaning or bowed foundation walls

In addition to our foundation repair work, we can also handle traffic control, snow removal, road prepping, and more for commercial businesses in Newark, DE.

Contact Matthews Structural Solutions today for a free estimate. Our knowledgeable inspectors will take a look at your property and work with you to develop a solution to repair any damage that may be happening with your commercial structure.