structural solutions for buildings in VermontMatthews Structural Solutions has been providing service to commercial businesses since the 1980's. In addition to offering a civil engineer and structural contractor, our services include piling, underpinning, and shoring solutions for the state of Vermont. We fix retaining walls, floor slabs and foundations caused by settlement. Our products and systems are from Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leading manufacturer in foundation repair to ensure productivity.

Types of Structural Repair & Structural Engineering in Vermont

Matthews Structural Solutions provides several types of foundation support solutions that include:

  • Piling: Piling systems are designed to eliminate poor soil conditions. They are quicker than any other repair method and can be installed in all types of weather conditions. We offer augercast piles, a piling method, that is used to support bridges, towers and other structures.
  • Underpinning: Underpinning is an effective repair solution that is used to stabilize and strengthen existing foundations. They can be installed from inside or outside of the structure. They also can be applied to tight compacted areas.
  • Shoring: Shoring can be used to support and stabilize cracking new or existing walls. One shoring method we use is soil nailing which is used to stabilize the soil for tunnels, buildings, plants and other structures. Holes are drilled into the soil, then steel bars are installed into the soles. A drainage system is installed with a recast face panel. Finally, the soil is removed from the ground. The process is completed until the desired wall depth is achieved.

If your building has a settling foundation, contact Matthews Structural Solutions for underpinning, shoring and piling solutions in Vermont. We provide the latest structural solutions to improve the integrity of your building for many years to come.

Cities we serve in Vermont include:

  • Burlington
  • Rutland
  • Barre
  • Montpelier
  • Winooski