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pile foundations in pittsburgh paMatthews Structural Solutions offers pile foundations for commercial structures in Pittsburgh. This type of deep foundation is built on piles and columns that support buildings on the ground. Since pile foundations are complex, they require a foundation engineer for installation.

Piles are driven or cast into the ground. They are installed in tripods to provide a secure, sturdy foundation, and usually made from the following materials:

  • Timber piles
  • Composite piles
  • Steel piles
  • Concrete piles

Pile foundations are driven into the soil with a pile driver until the desired depth is reached. As the piles reach more suitable soil, the load is transferred to the soil through end bearing and skin friction.

Pile foundations are often used in marine constructions for oil rigs, piers, bridges and docks. They can also be applied to poor soil conditions that can not support foundation designs or heavy loads for traditional construction.

Benefits of Pile Foundations

  • Can be found in various sizes and shapes
  • Constructed of steel, concrete, or timber
  • Cost-effective
  • No need to drill the piles deep into the ground
  • No deep excavation is required
  • Used in the construction of offshore or over water projects
  • Used on poor soil conditions and weak soil
  • Provides floor protection

For heavy commercial buildings in the Pittsburgh, PA area, we offer pile foundations. Our highly skilled team, including structural contractors, are trained to ensure proper installation so your building will last for many years to come. Contact Matthews Structural Solutions today for an estimate.