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For over 30 years, Matthews Structural Solutions has been adding strength to new and existing commercial structures in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Many foundation companies only provide limited service for customers, however we offer a variety of repair services such as underpinning, shoring, and piling.

Keep an eye out for the telltale signs of foundation failure in your structure. Some signs include foundation cracks, settlement or bowing walls. We offer structural solutions to restore your building, bridge, garage, shed and much more.

structural repair Philadelphia PATypes of Structural Repair & Structural Engineering in Philadelphia, PA

    Piling Solutions

  • Quick installation repair method
  • Little spoil removal
  • Resist axial compression and tension loads
  • Loaded immediately after installation

    Shoring Solutions

  • Supports the structure during construction and prevents the wall from collapsing
  • Stabilizes any sized foundation
  • Requires minimal excavation and disturbance to the work area
  • Uses soil nailing that consists of steel tendons used to stabilize and support the soil

    Underpinning Solutions

  • Use steel push piers or helical piers to transfer loads from the soil to stronger, suitable soil
  • Restores and lifts the structure back to normal
  • Uses quiet, vibration free hand-held equipment

Matthews Structural Solutions uses products from Earth Contact Products, along with experts like our structural contractors. For more information, contact us today so we can help answer all of your needs. We proudly serve the Philadelphia, PA area.