Matthew's Structural Solutions has worked hard over the years to garner a reputation for hard work, outstanding customer service, and world-class results for our Middletown, DE clients. Our engineers and contractors have the experience and skills that are needed for the special details of commercial and industrial projects.

We will work with you to find the cause of any settlement and foundation failure that may be happening with your commercial property. Through the use of underpinning, piling, and shoring solutions, we will restore your structure's stability. Some factors that can weaken your foundation include plumbing leaks, droughts or extensive rainfall, expansive clay soils, and other factors, both natural and man-made.:

augercast piles Middleton, DE

Types of Structural Repair & Structural Engineering in Middletown, DE

There are many services we offer the Middletown, DE area:

Matthews Structural Solutions offers commercial services to handle traffic control for commercial businesses in the Middletown, DE area. We also provide snow removal, road prepping, traffic assistance, and gas well industry traffic control services.

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