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mat foundations pittsburgh paFoundations can be compromised by many variables. Some factors include soil type, building load, and the environment. Regardless of the cause, Matthews Structural Solutions can assess the issue. We repair commercial foundations, including mat foundations for businesses in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

What is a mat foundation? A mat foundation is a shallow concrete foundation that sits on or just below the ground. Builders also refer to it as a slab foundation. Mat foundations are usually applied to light pre-engineered buildings with flexible walls and rigid frames. They can used on poor soil conditions that have uniform consistency. For proper installation, the mat structure needs to be more rigid and thicker than spread footing. A mat foundation can be used for large loads, low soil pressure, or for structure walls that are so close that individual footings would overlap.

Benefits of Mat Foundations

  • Cost-effective solution for individual column footing
  • Applied to moderate and regular size buildings
  • Can be used on weak soil conditions
  • Requires little excavation
  • Reduces differential settlement
  • Supports a number of columns and walls beneath the structure
  • Used for light structures with uniform soil on the surface

For mat foundations in Pittsburgh, PA, contact Matthews Structural Solutions today. We can assist you for all your commercial foundation needs.