structural solutions for businesses in MassachusettsSince the 1980's, Matthews Structural Solutions has been offering a complete line of foundation repair products for commercial projects, including piling, underpinning, and shoring solutions. We also use steel piers for commercial businesses in the Massachusetts area. We focus on integrity, commitment, and quality service to ensure professional results for our customers. Our materials and products are made by Earth Contact Products, the leading manufacturer of underpinning, so you're getting the best on the market. In addition, you have the services of our structural engineer on hand, to help ensure everything is up to code and the project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Types of Structural Repair & Structural Engineering in Massachusetts

Whatever is causing your foundation settlement, it can destroy the value of your building and make it unsafe for your customers and staff. By using products and systems made by Earth Contact Products, we can provide quality foundation repair and wall stabilization. We offer the following commercial repair solutions:

Piling Solutions

structural solutions in MassachusettsHelical Piles: Helical piles, also known as screw piles, contain a spiral-shaped head and steel pipe extension sections. The pile is rotated deep into the ground until it reaches the desired load capacity, then connected via a bracket to the foundation walls. This allows the structural's load to be transferred onto the pile.

Augercast Piles: Augercast piles are designed to support and stabilize buildings, bridges, towers and other large structures. The auger is driven deep into the soil by using a steam auger with continuous flight.

Underpinning Solutions

Underpinning involves transferring the load from the structure onto more suitable ground. We use vibration-free, portable hydraulic equipment that is transported to the work area. After installing and load tested the piers, the structure is restored back to normal.

Shoring Solutions

Plate Anchors: If your building has collapsing retaining walls, contact Matthews Structural Solutions. We offer shoring solutions for new and existing retaining walls. We use shoring products such as plate anchors to stabilize and support cracking and bowing foundation walls for buildings in Massachusetts.

Soil Nailing: Another shoring solution is soil nailing. It can be a temporary or permanent solution used to support plants, tunnels, buildings and other structures. Our team of experts drill holes into the soil, then install steel bars into the holes to ensure stability. Next, a drainage system is installed. Finally, soil is removed from the ground.

Matthews Structural Solutions is the commercial foundation repair company for businesses in the Massachusetts area. We provide free, detailed estimates so we can help you with all of your commercial needs. We use specially engineered products on today's market. Contact us today so our contractors can assist you!

We service the following cities in Massachusetts:

  • Boston
  • Worcester
  • Springfield
  • Cambridge
  • Brockton