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Because the soil in Maryland consists of clay, many commercial businesses will experience foundation issues. That's why Matthews Structural Solutions offers commercial foundation repair and structural engineers for businesses in the Maryland area. There are key factors that impact foundations such as land erosion, ground movement, land slopes, water flow patterns, and soil types. All of these factors cause settlement beneath the building's structure that requires underpinning, shoring, and piling solutions. We have skilled and experienced staff, including structural contractors that can handle any large commercial project.

structural solutions for businesses in MarylandMatthews Structural Solutions can repair the following foundation issues:

  • Cracking and bowed foundation walls
  • Settling foundations
  • Collapsing retaining walls
  • Sinking or cracking floor slabs

Types of Structural Repair & Structural Engineering in Maryland

Piling Solutions: Piling products include helical piles and augercast piles. Helical piles consist of a central shaft and helical bearing plates that rotate into the ground. The installation process is quick and can be installed in limited access areas. Augercast piles are a cost-effective piling method used to support and stabilize structures such as buildings, bridges, and towers. These type of piles can be installed in poor soil conditions and any type of environment.

Underpinning Solutions: Underpinning involves transferring the structure's load onto a deep foundation element bearing to more suitable soil. Hydraulic and portable equipment are transported to the site. After the piers are installed and load tested, the structure is stabilized and restored back to its original state. Underpinning is used to support and stabilize weak, unstable foundations.

Shoring Solutions: Matthews Structural Solutions offers shoring methods to repair new and existing retaining walls, stabilize cracks and straighten bowing foundation walls. We use 12"x26" steel plates that have two embossed ribs, a 4" square, and a 10-gauge square washer for added strength.

All of our products are made from Earth Contact Products, so you're getting the latest materials on the market to make sure your repairs run smoothly. We also offer other services such as snow removal, traffic assistance, and road prepping to make sure safety precautions are used for all commercial projects. Contact us today if you need structural solutions in Maryland. We provide free estimates.

We serve the following cities in Maryland:

  • Baltimore
  • Silver Spring
  • Frederick
  • Gaithersburg
  • Rockville