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Hollow Bar Anchors

Matthews Structural Solutions uses hollow bar anchors, the latest underpinning product, to improve your project's efficiency. Our hollow bar anchors are made from micro alloy steel tubing. They are perfect for soil nails, tie down and tie back anchors, and micropiles. Hollow bar anchors can be used for all types of soil including decomposed rocks, clay soils, loose sand, and round gravel. Hollow bar anchors have geotechnical features that makes this product ultimately efficient and effective. These anchors come in different sizes to meet loading requirements for every project.

Hollow bar anchors provide other benefits that includes:

  • Higher skin friction
  • Quick, easy one-step installation
  • Limited overhead and accessibility to installation process
  • Protected from corrosion
  • Smaller equipment can be used at lower cost
  • Improves the condition of the soil
  • Supports, stabilizes, and retains walls
  • Used for commercial or residential projects

Matthews Structural Solutions' structural contractors use Earth Contact Products hollow bar anchors. Please visit their website at www.earthcontactproducts.com for product information. We provide free estimates! Contact us today!