Repair for New Construction Foundations

Commercial foundations of all sorts are prone to many different foundation problems. Because they are often so large and require such large amounts of concrete, it is not uncommon for problems such as settlement, concrete cracks, and sloped floors to develop. Sometimes, these problems are the result of problems at the construction of the foundation - improperly mixed concrete or poor soil compaction. However, these problems can also be the result of changing soil or moisture conditions around the foundation. These problems can be assessed by our structural contractor and rectified using one of the commercial foundation repair solutions from Matthews Structural Solutions. Whether you have an industrial foundation or a shopping center foundation, we have a solution for you.

Commercial Foundation Repair in Pittsburgh, PAWe provide several different solutions to combat common foundation problems in commercial foundations east coast. Whether your foundation is part of new construction, or is part of an older commercial building, it may develop some of the following symptoms of foundation failure:

  • Settlement or Shifting
  • Sloped or Uneven Floors
  • Bowed or Leaning Walls
  • Floor Cracks
  • Misaligned Windows or Doors
  • Wall or Ceiling Cracks
  • Water Leakage
  • Crumbling or Flaking Concrete

These are all signs that may indicate something is wrong with your foundation. If any of these problems are visible in your commercial structure, contact the professional new construction foundation repair team at Matthews Structural Solutions right away.

Commercial Foundation Repair

Commercial Foundations East CoastWe will provide you with a solution that will take care of all of your commercial foundation problems. For sinking foundations, we employ underpinning techniques. These techniques involve installing steel push piers to transfer the weight of the structure. Once driven into the ground under the concrete of the commercial foundation, the piers can be used to take weight off of the unstable soils and transfer it to more solid layers of soil deeper underground.

Another solution is piling. This solution uses helical piles like our augercast piles. The piles are screwed into the ground and removed slowly. As they are removed, concrete is injected in the hollow shaft. This allows us to support the foundation with concrete without disturbing the area.

Soil nailing and other shoring techniques can also be used. These methods are commonly used to stabilize foundation walls and retaining walls that have started to shift and are bowing or leaning. The devices are anchored into the nearby soil and attached to the foundation wall. This applies pressure that corrects the bowing or leaning and restores the foundation wall to the proper position.

Our foundation engineers work hard to give you the best repair, construction, and commercial foundationt services available. Contact Matthews Structural Solutions today for more information on the services that we provide for your commercial foundation repair needs in and around Pittsburgh, PA.