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Tips to Help Hiring a Snow Removal Contractor

Hiring a Snow Removal Contractor in Pittsburgh, PA

snow removal contractor PAThe cold weather is still here, and some areas have several inches of snow piling up in your driveway. Removing snow is a strenuous activity, especially for seniors and people with health issues. If you’re thinking about retiring your shovel this winter and hiring a snow removal contractor, Matthews Structural Solutions recommends the following tips.

  • Request several estimates from multiple companies. Prices may vary due to the amount of work and size of the property.
  • Research the company and request references.
  • Some contractors offer quote prices as well as additional charges. Find out if the contractor has fixed prices throughout the season, regardless of the amount of snow.
  • The contractor should examine your property, and provide a written agreement. Also, find out how you can terminate the agreement, if necessary. Never settle on an agreement over the phone.
  • Find out if the company is affiliated with the BBB.
  • Find out if the contractor is insured or bonded.
  • Get the best contact information in case you’re unable to reach the contractor or if they are in route. Usually the office the best contact source.
  • Communicate with the contractor by telling them what you need, and how you want the service done.

If you’re looking for a snow removal contractor, make sure your expectations are realistic. Snow storms can make traveling difficult for contractors, therefore, it may take longer for them to reach you.

Snow Removal Service by Matthews Structural Solutions

snow removal and plowing contractor Pittsburgh, PAFor all your snow removal needs, contact Matthews Structural Solutions. We have well-experienced and professional contractors that are reliable and helpful. Our vehicles and equipment are thoroughly inspected on a regular basis to ensure optimal service.

Matthews Structural Solutions offers the following services:

  • Snow hauling, snow removal, and snow plowing
  • Full-time snow removal staff
  • Quality equipment such as snow plows, pusher boxes, and deicing equipment
  • Provide accurate estimates
  • Freeze/thaw patrol

At Matthews Structural, each job is completed from beginning to end. We focus on safety and quality service to meet your snow removal needs and expectations. Contact us today for snow removal tips and services in Pittsburgh, PA.